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RCS offers a full spectrum of refractory services. Our experience with brick, wet gunning (shotcrete), pump/cast, gunite, and pneumatic ramming is second to none in our industry. From demo of existing product to installation of new refractory, you can count on RCS to deliver a high quality product on time and safely.

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RCS’s Specialty Services Group provides our customers with true turnkey solutions for all of their heater, boiler, and furnace needs, as well as specialty welding, fabrication, and piping. We hold a National Board “R” Stamp, and our services include complete re-tubes, tube repair and replacement, ductwork, and boiler steam and mud drum repair.

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Acid Proofing

With over 25 years of experience in the acid proofing industry, RCS’s Acid Proofing group has the expertise to install your acid brick linings and membranes to meet the most demanding specifications. Our project managers have the experience to handle everything from small patches to large complete acid brick lining installations.

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Our Fireproofing Group has extensive experience applying various fireproofing systems and materials to steel and concrete structures, including castable cemeticious, light weight fireproofing, and intumescent epoxies. Applications include structural steel and concrete, vessel skirts, pump and rotating equipment pedestals, piping, and many more.

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Structural Concrete

Our Structural Concrete group excells in construction, repair, and restoration of coke and sulfur pits. With decades of experience, our project teams can handle anything from an emergency repair to a major rebuild of a damaged coke or sulfur pit. In addition, we are experienced in the construction, repair, and restoration all types of concrete structures, such as equipment pedestals, tower skirts, and pipe racks, among others.

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Industrial Coatings

RCS's coatings and tank linings grouphas the capability and expertise to install internal tank linings ranging from water storage to highly corrosive chemicals. We have experienced NACE certified supervision and the tools necessary to handle your largest coatings and lining projects. Our relationships with all of the major material manufacturers allows us to work with them to assure that you get the proper protection for your chemical service and quality installation.

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Packaged Services

By combining our mechanical and specialty welding capabilities with our refractory and acid proofing services, RCS is able to offer true turn-key solutions for all of your heater, boiler, and furnace needs. Also, packaging services allows our experienced project teams to offer more time and cost efficient solutions to even your most complex FCCU and SRU outages.

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Other Services

RCS offer many other services, both in support of our own work and the work of our customers, including scaffolding, lead and asbestos abatement, insulation, and light civil work. These services add value to our customers by eliminating the need for multiple contractors on projects, and allow us to better control costs and schedule.

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