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D-Bar Anchor System

Refractory Construction Services is the proud parent of the D-Bar ( US Patent No. 6,393,789 B1) for thin lined refractory areas where Hex material is typically used, and is available for 1” linings in any alloy. The D-Bar has been able to benefit the customer by reduced repair cost when installed during previous outages in FCCU applications.  Because of their independent nature, there is no need to fit and re-fit existing Hex material leading to quicker repair rates and offer variable lay-out patterns to best suit anchoring requirements.  The D-Bar utilizes three attachment points, which provide superior attachment than traditional two legged anchoring systems.   They were first introduced to the Sweeny complex and installed during one of their FCCU outages and have been utilized ever since. They have been placed in numerous FCC Units throughout the US as the leading anchoring system for initial refractory applications as well as repair installations. Over 750,000 units have been installed across the US, including the following locations:

Phillips 66

  • Sweeny, TX

Valero Refining

  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Ardmore, OK
  • St. Charles, LA
  • Wilmington, CA
  • Krotz Springs, LA


  • Billings, MT


  • El Dorado, KS

  • Houston, TX


  • Pasadena, TX


  • Convent, LA
  • Norco, LA

Marathon Petroleum

  • Robinson, IL